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Synapcea Web Design

Affordable Quality Websites For Small Business

Getting you on the web

Website Design

From simple Template Brochure Sites to Bespoke eCommerce Solutions, we’ve got it covered.

Website Support

Your new or existing Website tweaked for speed, reliability, SEO, readability and more.

Copy Writing

You know what you want to say but struggle with how to say it? Let us write your copy for you.

Content Updates

You’ve got copy or images to put on your site, but don’t want the faff of doing it? Let us take the strain. One off jobs or monthly plans available.

Site Updates

Just like your PC, your Website needs regular TLC. Backs Ups? Software Updates? Got Stuck ? All covered by one of our monthly maintenance plans.

Website Training

You’ve got your shiny new site, why not invest some time training so that you can update it yourself?

What else do you need?

Web Hosting

Your Website has to live somewhere. We’ve used the same UK based quality web  hosting for the last 3 years and have just signed up for another 3. That’s how happy we are.

Email Accounts

Access your account through Webmail, PC, Laptop, Phone or Tablet. All synchronised. Plus all of those added cool bits like common Email Signatures, Automatic Email Filters that sort your incoming mail into folders.

Mailing Lists

Capture your Website Visitors and physical Customers into your mailing list. No more CCing to your entire list! Auto handle subscriptions and unsubscribes.

Social Media Account Set Up

Choose from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or your other favourites. We’ll setup the accounts and show you how to get your brand message out there.

Image Preparation

The multi-megabyte photos from your Smartphone will slow your website down. We can do this for you or teach you how to fix this.

Domain Name

Need a new one or want to use an existing domain name? We’ll handle it.

Auto Update Social Media Accounts From Your Website?

You’ve published your updates on your website, now you’ve got to go through all the trouble and do the same on all of your social media accounts. Except that you don’t. We can make it happen automatically!

Show Social Media Feeds On Your Website?

Have your Facebook or Google reviews automatically on your website without you manually cut and pasting them. And maybe just the 4 and 5 Star ones? Ok. Sorted.

Simple Selling?

Just selling a few items? Don’t want a shopping cart or Card Account? We’ve got you covered.

What happens next?

Here’s your homework; You need to think about your business or organisation and ask yourself come questions about why you need a website, what you want it to do, how it will achieve this and how can you measure how well it’s doing.

Worried about sending the online enquiry? Don’t be, we don’t bite! We’ll call you back at a convenient time for a brief chat. If you like what you hear we can set up a fact finding meeting and then we can quote based upon your requirements.

1. What do you want your Website to achieve?
Hopefully more than just “I’ve been told I should have a website…”
2. Who's Your Target Audience
Spray and pray is never a good strategy! You get your results where you put your focus, but you need to know where to focus.

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